Meteorological Expertise

MetraWeather is a world leader in delivering innovative, complex and commercially game-changing weather intelligence products and services.

The world-class expertise of its team of meteorologists, supported by the quality and accuracy of its weather data, is the backbone of MetraWeather’s unique approach to delivering weather insights and solutions that make a measurable difference for its clients.

MetraWeather employs the expertise of over 70 World Meteorological Organization (WMO) qualified meteorologists around the clock to provide the most advanced meteorological modelling-based solutions and services to a global network of clients. MetraWeather’s parent company, MetService, was the world's first National Meteorological Service to be ISO9001 certified.

By accessing the best global numerical weather prediction data from around the world, MetraWeather is able to provide reliable and constantly-updated weather information. A specialist weather company, MetraWeather works with clients around the world to provide the best and most useful information possible, according to individual business needs and opportunities.

MetraWeather's forecasting R&D team can produce high-resolution model data for any region to boost the quality of forecasts. This team of PhD-qualified research scientists and MetraWeather's IT specialists apply the latest weather modelling techniques and meteorological insights to develop customised, operationally excellent and accurate solutions. The resulting operational and decision-making benefits are aimed at giving clients the competitive edge.

MetraWeather has unmatched experience in developing innovative weather solutions and managing the operational production and dispatch of volatile data in time-critical situations for a wide range of industries, including the energy, infrastructure, resources, retail, transport, marine, broadcasting, mobile and digital sectors.

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