FAST Trader

MetraWeather FAST Trader delivers the most accurate temperature forecast with the current market moving weather forecast data.

FAST Trader plots the GFS and ECMWF operational and ensemble runs against MetraWeather’s more accurate deterministic forecast, the previous run(s) and 10 year climatology.

All forecasts and the climatology are aggregated to produce a single temperature forecast number based on demand weighted LDZ sites. This information is swiftly delivered to subscribers as soon the raw data is published.

FAST Trader has been designed to offer traders the ability to trade delta between MetraWeather’s best forecast and the raw, ECMWF and GFS market-moving data. While the raw model data drives perception, MetraWeather’s forecast is much more accurate. MetraWeather’s lower bias and lower Mean Absolute Error allows traders to take stronger positions and better judge how the market will move when temperature is a key driver.

MetraWeather’s temperature forecast combines medium-range forecasts from global forecast systems, with shor -range mesoscale forecasts from high-resolution models. MetraWeather applies proprietary methodology to produce a seamless 15 day forecast with dependable accuracy through the step changes in forecast resolution. It calibrates large amounts of model data using a short time series of historical data, and uses statistical techniques to extract, combine and place the correct emphasis on the different strengths of the best models.

FAST Trader comes with an ongoing skill score so you will know the skill (level of error and bias against ECMWF & GFS) of MetraWeather’s forecast in all weather regimes.

FtF and FAST Trader are backed by the combined power of 23 PhDs in Oceanography and Meteorology, more than 70 WMO-certified meteorologists working 24x7 across three continents, and over 150 years of operational delivery experience.

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