Weather solutions for energy traders

MetraWeather understands the information requirements of energy traders and we will consult with you to tailor a package of forecasts to your particular needs.

Trading in electricity and natural gas markets takes place not only among participants with a physical position in those markets, but also with trading desks run by banks and other financial institutions which speculate on future prices of electricity.

When trading in such markets, it is not just the observed weather outcome that affects prices. Just as important is a market’s current perception of what is going to happen, regardless of how accurate those forecasts actually are.

Advance knowledge of what market-moving weather models will predict is a valuable tool, allowing traders to anticipate which way electricity and gas prices may swing based on the perception of upcoming weather events. 

In addition to accurate and reliable forecasts,  MetraWeather has developed two specialised products to give traders advance warning of trends in key weather models. These have been successfully deployed in Europe, the USA and Australia.

The first product is Forecast the Forecast, aptly named because rather than forecast actual weather outcomes, it forecasts the behaviour of the next issue of the ECMWF and GFS deterministic models, which are known to shift markets.

The second product is FAST Trader, which focuses on delivering ECMWF and GFS forecasts to traders as soon as the raw data is published, providing an opportunity to trade before the rest of the market has time to react.

To learn more about how traders have made use of Forecast the Forecast and FAST Trader read this case study

MetraWeather provides powerful weather intelligence through its weather forecasts for energy traders and we will consult with you to tailor a package of forecasts to your particular needs. Take some time to sample our forecasts, or contact us now.

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