Berth safety

Surge-affected harbours worldwide rely on site-specific swell and long wave forecasts to manage their harbour operations and reduce the risks associated with excessive moored vessel motion. Vessel size, mooring configuration and the directional long wave spectra all affect the excitation response of a moored ship.

Vessel motion and kinematics forecasting predicts specific wind and waves, solving the non-linear effects of weather on ship motions. Our MetOceanView forecast portal integrates various models, measurements and marine forecasts to serve as a complete environmental forecast system for vessels, port authorities and offshore operators.

Motion forecasts

Using numerical wave models, calibrated with measured data, we can characterise the wave climate both inside and outside the harbour to get a clear understanding of berth safety and motion forecasts.

Our motion forecast offers 7-day prediction of significant heave, pitch and roll, identifying dominant wind and swell. Data is presented in graphs and Vessel Motion rose diagrams. 

Vessel motion rose diagram

Motion forecasting assists operators to:

  • identify critical environmental conditions for safe operations
  • make informed decisions for onboard and ship-to-ship operations
  • plan ahead for material and personnel movement, crane operations and cargo handling
  • minimise motions and mooring line tensions
  • avoid damage and maximize potential fuel and emissions savings

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