Harbour transit safety forecasts

The average draught of the world’s shipping fleet is steadily increasing, making harbour transit more depth dependent and therefore more sensitive to wave dynamics. Many ports and harbours experience occasions when energetic weather conditions lead to issues with under-keel clearance for harbour entry/exit transit. 

MetraWeather’s harbour transit safety forecasts provide specialist guidance on under-keel clearance (UKC) and depth availability, based on the dynamic response of specific vessels during harbour entry and exit. This assists ports to widen the tidal windows of vessels while maintaining safety considerations, and to optimise seabed depths by dredging in accordance with UKC requirements.

Under keel clearance in MetOceanView

MetraWeather’s Harbour Transit Safety forecasts are part of the comprehensive suite of forecasts available through MetOceanView, offering ports and harbour authorities an integrated and sophisticated range of online, technology-agnostic forecast tools. 

MetOceanView is specifically geared to the operational, routing and navigational needs of new-generation ports and vessels seeking competitive advantages whilst maintaining safety standards.

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