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Weatherscape XT is an enterprise, turnkey, state-of-the-art weather show presentation, production, data management and playout system for broadcast and online applications.

Developed in consultation with some of the world’s leading broadcasters, Weatherscape XT is a distributed system that can be used in a single or across multiple broadcast centres.

In Europe, through Asia, and onto Australia and New Zealand, Weatherscape XT is powering the production of extremely sophisticated, highly-accurate and compelling weather presentations.

For broadcasters looking to create their own customised weather presentations, Weatherscape XT offers:

  • Compelling graphics
    Weatherscape XT’s powerful graphics terrain engine and weather animation effects deliver beautiful rendered; full-screen graphics in real time
  • Complete customization
    The powerful design tools integrated into Weatherscape XT enable your graphic designers to create unique weather presentations that reflect your programming style, and compatibility to both your brand guidelines and those of your sponsors and advertisers
  • High-quality maps
    Weatherscape offers designers both stylized and realistic location-specific maps at standard resolutions of between 15 to 300 metres ensuring crystal-clear, accurate rendering 
  • Rapid data updating
    At the core of Weatherscape XT is the capability to rapidly receipt and update data inputs from radar, gridded model data, satellite imagery, lightning data, local observations, typhoon tracks, and warnings and alerts provided by non-meteorological data providers warning of events such as tsunami, forest fires and volcanic activity. 
  • Powerful data editing
    Weatherscape XT is uniquely configured to enable broadcasters to edit and interpret meteorological data such as gridded model fields, observations, forecasts and warnings, or to create custom forecasts for special events including elections, sports tournaments and live performances. 
  • Data management
    MetraWeather customer engineers have vast experience in configuring Weatherscape XT to automatically and continuously ingest and manage data provided from both global and regional meteorological data suppliers 
  • Content for all screens
    Weatherscape XT is easily configured to automatically output weather graphics and content for all broadcast and online channels including highly-successful weather presentation solutions for proprietary streaming media, kiosks, and connected mobile and tablet devices. 

Weatherscape XT support
All MetraWeather Weatherscape XT customers, both at the time of commissioning their Weatherscape XT installation and when new iterative features and services are released within the platform, contract to receive ongoing support from MetraWeather customer engineers.

Weatherscape customers also benefit from accessing the collective expertise of a national meteorological service provider who is also a broadcaster with its own fully-equipped Weatherscape broadcast and post-production suite.

  • MetraWeather engineers will undertake a full evaluation of a broadcaster’s current and future requirements for procuring weather data, the preferred presentation style, graphic design, and the integration with the studio environment and equipment
  • MetraWeather supports all Weatherscape XT installations with a dedicated project manager, and customer engineers to construct and configure the database, arrange ingestion of live data, conduct system testing, and deliver comprehensive onsite training
  • MetraWeather supports all Weatherscape XT systems and data through agreed Service Level Agreements that cover support delivery in a graduated matrix from 10 minute 24/7/365 through to less critical 10 day support services.

More information
For details about ingesting forecast data, observations, warnings and advisories; ECMWF global models; computer hardware specifications and system configuration; and touch screen interfacing, please contact MetraWeather Media

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