Presented & produced weather shows

Dan Corbett in MetraWeather's New Zealand studio.

MetraWeather's 'Weather as a Service' offers two professionally produced, broadcast-quality weather shows hosted by vastly experienced broadcast meteorologists.

Experienced broadcasters fully understand the attraction of presented weather. Designed in response to those broadcasters’ requests for compelling, highly-visual and professionally anchored weather shows, these shows comprehensively cover the day’s observed weather and forecasts in a captivating, contemporary style with the latest graphic weather animations available in Weatherscape XT.

Where a channel does not have the prerequisite resourcing, studio infrastructure, or an experienced anchor able to step into audience’ living rooms with compelling weather stories, or reach out and tell the weather story on a mobile platform, these two Weather as a Service packaged and presented products demonstrate the highest standard of meteorological presentation and professionalism.

The shows are professionally produced by experienced studio directors working alongside the communications meteorologists, using the same superb weather animations used by leading broadcasters in the UK, Western and Eastern Europe, South-East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Presented weather show

  • A fully produced, branded, broadcast-quality and presented weather show
  • Shot in MetraWeather's studio and delivered via FTP
  • Tailored to your requirements and integrated with your daily programming
  • Ideal for broadcasters, cable, digital and online channels who want their own 'stamp' on a weather show but choose not to invest in full enterprise weather graphics solution.

Weather show content for anchors and news presenters

  • Pre-rendered, broadcast quality and fully-scripted weather content supplied for chroma keying or blue screen presentation by a meteorologist, news presenter, anchor or reporter
  • Produced in the Weatherscape suite from automated data and accompanied by a script written by a trained and experienced meteorologist, the shows are a perfect fit for programmers seeking to project their own identity and personality onto weather shows, without investing in a full weather production suite and trained personnel
  • Several New Zealand broadcasters use this MetraWeather service several times per day for their main news and weather bulletins

Produced weather programme

  • MetraWeather can direct and produce an engaging, high-action 30 minutes long global weather show complete with:
  • major city and regional forecasts and observed daily and overnight weatherextreme or anomalous weather events such as typhoons, cyclones, flooding, lightning strikes, extreme cold, heat and precipitation
  • environmental reporting such as air quality and dust storms
  • news about tsunami, forest fires and volcanic activity that are part of the ‘weather story’
  • forecasts for special occasions such as international festivals, live performances, political events and sports tournaments

These three services reflect the diverse and changing nature of broadcasting content delivery and weather presentation. They have been developed to help broadcast and news channels compete and differentiate their programming with distinctive presentation style and local identity without sacrificing access to superb weather animations and highly-accurate forecasting.

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