The MetraWeather Weatherscape presentation suite

The Weatherscape presentation suite addresses the diverse and evolving weather presentation needs of Tiers 1, 2 and 3 broadcasters, news presenters and emerging news media channels.

  • Weatherscape XT is the engine room of the suite and the enterprise solution of choice for Tier 1 broadcasters seeking to produce their own captivating and highly-visual weather presentations
  • MetraWeather ClipStore enables media and broadcasters to review, purchase and download high-quality, location-specific, ready-to-play weather clips and monetize their weather news presentations without investing in in-house weather graphics production, software or rendering hardware
  • Weatherscape CLIPs are short duration, location-specific and customised observed and forecast weather clips generated in Weatherscape XT by MetraWeather. CLIPs are pre-rendered with the latest weather data and forecasts, and uploaded via the internet at customer specified times
  • Produced and presented weather shows MetraWeather boasts a fully-featured, Weatherscape XT-based, broadcast studio and post-production suite together with skilled meteorology, graphics and production personnel to curate and produce fully-presented weather news and forecast shows. These shows are anchored by an experienced international broadcaster and qualified meteorologist. Alternatively, the presentation and forecast script can be supplied for a broadcaster’s own anchor or news presenter to present.

Together with the fully-presented weather news and forecast shows MetraWeather Media can also produce a fully presented global weather show of up-to-30 minutes duration with regional forecasts, observed weather of the day, extreme global weather events and the weather at major events such as performances and sporting contests.

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