Weatherscape CLIP - Weather reports ready to air

Weatherscape CLIPs from MetraWeather are weather shows delivered direct to your channel. No hardware, no software, no fuss, simply pre-rendered files, sent every day in your preferred ready-to-play format

Produced on the same Weatherscape platform as the ClipStore products, and featuring the same compelling flyovers and dynamic weather animations, Weatherscape CLIP forecasts are differentiated from ClipStore products by the distribution method and the extent of customisation individual producers and broadcasters have requested.

Weatherscape CLIP shows are pre-rendered minutes before sending and contain the latest weather information available. They are delivered via the internet at scheduled times in accordance with your preferences.

CLIPs are an eminently viable solution for broadcasters and channels delivering weather content across multiple platforms and who seek the same high-presentation standards and forecast accuracy, but who do not wish to invest in an enterprise solution.

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