WXT Mobile

MetraWeather has developed considerable commercial acumen and technical insights into how to monetize, package and integrate weather (and other data) into:

public and consumer weather websites, sector-specific portals and consumer and sector specific apps for mobile platforms and tablets including:

  • agribusiness
  • recreational boating and fishing
  • skiing
  • parks and walkways

MetraWeather’s own public websites are amongst the highest-ranking for the audiences they serve. They attract premium advertising and sponsorship revenues and the attention of leading digital agencies who fully understand that weather is a significant part of everyone’s daily plans and an intrinsic way for brands to connect meaningfully with users.

MetraWeather has initiated and consulted on many complementary, co-branded advertising and sponsorship partnerships connecting, for example, 4WD vehicle manufacturers with marketers of recreational pursuits, and outdoor clothing retailers with travel agencies.

We have prescribed the user experience and managed the data integration for both paid and sponsored iOS and Android apps, and are fully conversant with the requirements of news channels to deliver consistent and coherently-branded weather content across multiple screens.

MetraWeather can assist customers in both an advisory capacity and with scientific, technical and data engineering resources.
We partner with experienced digital producers, designers, developers and engineers to assist customers develop their digital offers in an agile, responsive manner.  We keep top of mind customers’ needs to realise both commercial ambitions while delivering value consistent with their brand and multi-channel media objectives.

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