High quality live weather observations with the mStar AWS


mSTAR is a premium-quality weather station designed to provide live weather observations for weather dependent industries.

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It is a cost-effective way to meet your needs and each location can be configured with the sensors to meet your own requirements. mSTAR is ideally suited to remote locations as it can be solar powered and also operated with cellular communications.

The sensors available include temperature (including air, ground and water), wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, precipitation amounts, cloud height and amount, visibility, present weather, and solar radiation.

mSTAR meets current World Meteorological Organization (WMO) recommendations to deliver high-quality data, and offers excellent continuity of service through continuous performance monitoring and fault repair within agreed timeframes by MetraWeather engineers.

mSTAR Automated Weather Station benefits include:

  • Wireless cellular communication delivers weather observations once a minute
  • Operates at a distance from power and communication lines
  • Data can also be sent to a local computer for real-time display
  • Meets World Meteorological Organization (WMO) standards
  • Large suite of sensors to suit your weather data requirements
  • Operates in remote sites and in harsh environments

MetraWeather's Automated Weather Stations have a range of uses for numerous industries including:

  • Energy Generation - including CCGT sites and intakes
  • Agricultural - Frosts, growing conditions
  • Transport - Road conditions
  • Marine - Wind and sea conditions
  • Civil Defence and Rescue - Remote weather monitoring for rescue and flood monitoring
  • Media - Temperature readings for TV and websites
  • Forestry - Fire weather indices - level of concerns/risk such as bush fires
  • Hydro power - Watershed monitoring for power generation
  • Water suppliers - Records of water/rainfall for water industry
  • Insurance - validation of weather conditions at a set location at a certain point in time.
  • Aviation - landing and take-off conditions, especially at remote uncontrolled fields

Contact us now to discuss a weather station package tailored to your particular needs.

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