Weather solutions for the roading and transport industries

A truck travelling at 100km/h leaves Point A and travels 500 kilometres to Point B. How long does it take to get there?

Easy marks if this were a high school algebra problem, but in real life the answer is rarely straightforward. Roads are not simply a strip of concrete or tar-seal. They are part of an ever changing outdoor environment where driving conditions play a huge role in the transport of goods and people from A to B. Some factors, like peak hour traffic and weigh-stations, are depressingly reliable.

Then there is the weather. Torrential rain or fog can reduce visibility to a few metres; snow and ice can close alpine highways; strong winds can make even the smoothest road a treacherous challenge for high-sided vehicles. Even fine weather can become a problem, with sun-strike an issue when the sun is near the horizon.

However, with effective planning the disruption caused by adverse weather can be minimised and this is where MetraWeather comes in. From predicting avalanches to tracking thunderstorms, MetraWeather is a world leader in weather forecasts for the entire spectrum of road users.

We start with industry-specific forecasts for road sealing and road marking crews, helping to ensure they choose the correct tools and materials for the weather conditions. Then we assist road and highway authorities to keep transport links open and safe, combining our proprietary world-class weather stations with accurate forecasts to monitor for hazards such as flooding, lightning, high winds, snow and ice.

Last but not least, we provide transport and logistics companies with a tailored online interface containing all of the weather intelligence they need to deploy their fleets safely and efficiently. Email and SMS alerts warn when severe weather is expected, allowing immediate action; downtime is minimised and profits are increased by re-routing vehicles to avoid predictable delays or road closures; maintenance crews are ready where and when they are needed; health and safety outcomes are improved because drivers are better prepared for the conditions.

All of MetraWeather’s products are supported by our team of World Meteorological Organisation qualified forecasters, who are available on-demand to supply phone or email briefings specific to your operation.

MetraWeather provides powerful weather intelligence through its weather forecasts for roading and transport and we will consult with you to tailor a package of forecasts to your particular needs. Contact us now.

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