MetraWeather Sherlock™

MetraWeather Sherlock™  is a new Small Data analysis and personal weather service that uses behavioural clues, direct user input and observations from smart devices to provide more useful and relevant information than traditional weather apps.

The service interacts with users to classify weather conditions and the impacts on their lifestyles, jobs and activities. Based on dozens of weather attributes and algorithms, a customised weather index is created that then generates a personalised weather service.

Sherlock monitors weather conditions from smart devices and uses push technology to inform users with actionable information about how their weather will impact them.

Sherlock is powered by the fast-growing BloomSky global network of smart weather camera stations. The networks provide real-time, situational awareness of the weather at a highly-granular level. The weather stations transmit highly-accurate  temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and rainfall data accompanied with HD images of the sky every 5 minutes.

Find out more about Sherlock by downloading our brochure here.

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