Compelling weather graphics for people on the West Coast of Ireland

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TG4 uses MetraWeather's Weatherscape XT weather graphics presentation system to provide compelling weather graphics to the people on the West Coast of Ireland.

Ireland is reknowned for having unpredicatable and changeable weather. The challenge for Irish language TV broadcaster TG4, is to present visually attractive weather information that is accessible and valuable to everyone. 

MetraWeather has been working with TG4 since 2005. MetraWeather presented a robust but flexible work plan for the analysis, installation and deployment of the TG4’s weather solution. The plan included:

  • up front requirements analysis
  • hardware review and recommendations
  • data marshalling (reducing the number of data feeds required by TG4 and improving data consistency)
  • data modelling
  • data transition (working alongside key TG4 experts to pilot a data scripting trial)
  • inflight development to ensure that additional web based data could be ingested as required by the customer
  • a ‘Look and Feel’ review and recommendations
  • ensuring our support model would align with the key benefits that TG4 was looking to realise
  • ensuring end-to-end (planning – delivery – support) communication for the customer.

In 2014, TG4 decided to give their weather graphics a high definition makeover with a totally new design and visual style for  all TG4 weather output, (TV set, maps, graphics and symbols etc). TG4's in-house design and graphics team worked closely with MetraWeather to create a HD makeover, which brought a new look across all Web and TV broadcasts for weather-related output.

The new approach includes real-time weather pictures from a camera sited in Gaoth Dobhair in the Donegal Gaeltacht. This spectacular real-time weather ‘feed’ supplements the existing TG4 provision from cameras located in the West Kerry and Conamara Gaeltachtaí.

In October 2014, MetraWeather successfully renewed its contract with TG4, for the provision of their weather forecasting products and services. TG4’s Weather Service is a core element within their daily schedule, recognised for its accurate, informative bulletins and for its distinctive visual design. 

MetraWeather are providing TG4 with three key elements for their weather service: 

  • a compelling, visually attractive and easy to use weather graphics system
  • forecast weather data, including tide, wave and sun/moon rise/set data 
  • forecast scripts for their presenters to use alongside their six daily weather bulletins.

MetraWeather and TG4's relationship has developed into a working partnership, designed to ensure that TG4's requirements for a distinctive look and feel can be met, and to enhance the quality and accuracy of the weather forecasting element of the service.

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