Harbour safety: investing in real-time weather and marine forecasts

Sydney Ports

As part of its ongoing commitment to improving harbour safety, Sydney Ports invested in MetraWeather's weather technology to deliver real-time weather and marine forecasting information.

Sydney Ports has an increasing amount of cargo and cruise ship visitors go through its ports. Botany Bay is the second busiest box terminal in Australia and Port Jackson is home to the nation’s busiest cruise terminals, so Sydney Ports has a major responsibility for the safe navigation of these ships.

The weather can have a major impact on port safety effecting ships safely entering and exiting a port, berth safety for moored boats, as well as the safety of employees working in the ports.

Sydney Ports aspires to be a leader in world-class, efficient and sustainable ports and logistics networks, so the ability to make weather-based decisions can make all the difference when it comes to the safety and efficiency of the task at hand. This is why Sydney Ports decided to look for a weather provider that could help streamline their harbour operations.

MetraWeather combined its expertise in advanced numerical weather prediction, classic meteorology and oceanographic forecasting to deliver real-time forecasts specifically tailored for Sydney Ports.

MetraWeather's services will provide Sydney Ports with regularly updated high-resolution and probabilistic forecasts of important marine and weather conditions, likely to impact on the day-to-day and longer-term running of the port. Sydney Ports also have access to MetraWeather’s interactive under-keel clearance and berth safety forecasts.

These forecasts not only help them plan for their activities in the harbour, but the information also lets the Ports monitor weather systems well outside the port area that are likely to impact on the safe travel of vessels heading towards the port.

Sydney Ports’ Executive General Manager Operations and Harbour Master, Philip Holliday, said, "with MetraWeather’s forecasts we know exactly what’s happening in the harbour and what’s on the horizon, so we can be prepared.”

MetraWeather forecasts will also provide Sydney Ports with wind speed, direction and gusts as well as wave height, and swell and tide through MetOceanView, an industry-specific high-resolution web-based weather forecasting tool for marine operations management.

“We chose MetraWeather’s service because it provides the information we need in a usable way,” said Captain Holliday. “The forecasts are crucial to the running of the ports. They help ensure the safety of cruise ship passengers as well as the security of freight. In the long-term, the forecasts will help improve safety practice and protocol, and will aid us in reducing workplace incidents.”

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