The first advanced weather presentation graphics system in Thailand

Channel 3 Thailand

Thailand’s leading free-to-air broadcaster, Channel 3, met the ever-increasing public demand for accurate and local weather and environmental information, by partnering with MetraWeather to launch Thailand's first advanced weather presentation graphics system.

The weather in Thailand is controlled by tropical monsoons. Heavy rain can cuase severe flooding to many Thai provinces, and high winds can damage homes. Having accurate and up-to-date weather information can make a real difference to the lives of the Thai people.

Channel 3 takes the reporting of local and extreme weather very seriously and had been steadily expanding the frequency and sophistication of its weather reporting. However, there was an increasing need to enable viewers in any Thai province to clearly see in detail, tomorrow’s weather. MetraWeather's experience in sophosticated weather graphics led to Channel 3 launching a series of enhanced weather programmes using MetraWeather’s Weatherscape XT weather graphics and data management system.

MetraWeather and Bangkok-based partner company Raydant International, are able to offer Channel 3, the most accurate and up-to-date weather and environmental data for Thailand. This data is sourced from the Thailand Meteorological Department and the National Disaster Warning Centre. It also draws on Raydant’s own high resolution computer models and MetraWeather’s state-of-the-art forecast production systems.

This is the first time in Thailand that 3D computer graphics, high resolution maps and weather modelling have been combined to enable viewers in any Thai province to get a detailed view of the weather.

“We are providing real-time environmental information that has the potential to cause disruption and communicating that to our viewers so they can be better prepared. The potential benefits are enormous and Channel 3 is proud to be a leader in introducing this enabling technology,” said Channel 3’s Senior Vice President of Technology, Mr Ongart Phothivorn.

MetraWeather integrated Weatherscape XT with existing operations in Channel 3. Our approach was to prepare customer demonstrations prior to scoping, determining customer needs and hardware assessments. MetraWeather then assisted Channel 3 to outsource hardware and develop their databases, and assisted with creating storyboard content, designing shows, data testing, plugin implementation and terrain development.

MetraWeather also assisted Channel 3 with in house hardware setup and testing, the onsite system install and cabling, connections, system checks and training, leading up to launch. While this was happening, the show design was being finalised and templates developed. MetraWeather's robust and flexible approach to this project allowed this complex implementation with multiple streams, to be managed concurrently.

Following implementation, MetraWeather provided onsite support through the test broadcast and over the launch periods. The project implementation was managed within 10 weeks, which was notable as MetraWeather were working with new data sources and the show’s presentation was a first for a Thai broadcaster.

Channel 3 will use the new weather content across all its broadcast and online channels. The decision to deploy MetraWeather's Weatherscape XT system, has enabled the broadcaster to add a new dimension to the news and information services that Channel 3’s audience has come to rely on.

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