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Excessive heat or bitter cold can have huge  impacts on the way our days unfold. It affects what we do, where we go and how much we rely on energy to escape the effects of the weather. Across the globe, weather is one of the main drivers in the demand for and supply of energy, not to mention one of the most unpredictable. Just one degree of temperature change can trigger a huge increase in demand as air conditioners or gas heaters are switched on.

Weather dictates not only how much electricity is needed, but also how much can be produced and transmitted. Wind, solar and even thermal generation capacity are affected by ambient temperatures, wind speeds, cloud cover, pressure and humidity. MetraWeather’s ePD Enhanced Probability Distribution forecasting system is a key tool to assist energy companies plan for weather impacts.

The ePD system analyses over 100 different weather models to extract, combine and place the correct emphasis on the different strengths of the best models before producing its forecast. In addition, the scientists behind the ePD system are continually refining the proprietary models used to power the system, to deliver the most accurate forecasts possible.

This all takes a huge amount of computing power. MetraWeather’s Forecast Research team uses Amazon cloud capacity to provide processing power for the model enhancement work. It has been a factor in achieving significant gains in automated forecast accuracy. Hourly temperature forecast improvements for Australia and UK/EU implemented this year achieved some of the best results since monitoring began in 2010.

Another area of expansion ‘in the cloud’ for MetraWeather is cloud-based delivery of weather data. This means wherever in the world our customers are based, we can be their local weather provider. Overcoming the ‘tyranny of distance’ is particularly important in markets such as energy trading, where MetraWeather must match and exceed the network speed and reliability of incumbent competitors.

Similar benefits are also driving an internal strategy around ‘infrastructure in the cloud’, looking at how MetraWeather’s wider technology requirements can be delivered more effectively and robustly using cloud computing, including storage and software-as-a-service. The ability for staff located in offices across the world to work together more efficiently will be a key part in our future growth.

By embracing all the possibilities of the cloud, everyone benefits from the enhanced power of computing and forecast accuracy

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