The Matrix: answering the questions you really need to know

Intelligent planning technology for weather impacts, when your business depends on it

It all started with a question from a customer: “how do we help our road maintenance crews plan more efficiently around the weather?”  A straight shooting question, and one that required us to combine layers of information to be delivered in a simple, usable format that gave crews the answers they needed. The Matrix was born.

We had already built an award-winning, national road weather station network with NZTA, but there were still a number of roads around the country without advanced thermal mapping and road environment forecasting to assist with winter road maintenance.  We created a team to research best practice overseas then set about creating a New Zealand solution to match our unique environment and roading system.

In a nutshell, the Weather Threat Matrix identifies a tailored set of weather parameters that are known to impact on a customer’s operations. While many of our customers take an active interest in weather and fully understand and appreciate just how much of an impact it can have on their assets and operations, most of them are not meteorologists – and it’s their front-line operational teams that really need to know the answers.

We work closely with our customers to understand their business and objectives. What weather conditions and industry-derived weather impacts were the triggers for success or failure in day to day operations? What were the parameters and thresholds for each of these that make the difference between success and failure? How could these be described in simple, operational terms to assist with quick and confident decision-making out in the field?

The data and technology behind it is multi-faceted, but The Matrix itself is very simple to translate and action. When it shows a sea of green, users know the weather will not be a player in their operational activities for the week ahead. They can then go ahead with business as usual activities and schedule maintenance with confidence. A more colourful matrix means one or more of those success/failure triggers are forecast, so they know they’re in for a busy week and can plan accordingly. In most cases, they also have access to more detailed information through MetConnect – MetService’s tailored weather information portal.

While The Matrix was initially developed for roading, we have also developed specialised weather threat matrices for customers in industries as diverse as road marking, energy and gas distribution and offshore oil exploration. Wherever businesses have assets and operations in the outdoors, the impacts of our constantly changing weather can be assessed and immediately planned for with The Matrix.

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