UK Winter Hazard Forecasting

Preparing for severe weather events that could impact your business is part-and-parcel of operating safely and efficiently throughout winter.

Almost no business is immune to the hazards of winter. Companies who receive highly-accurate weather guidance are more likely to ride out events with lesser disruption or losses.

MetraWeather is a leading provider of winter hazard forecasting in the UK

Our expert meteorologists model weather trends up to two weeks into the future and provide crucial guidance on seasonal trends up to seven months ahead.

Throughout winter, we provide one-on-one consultations about how and when winter hazards could disrupt your operations.

  • Heavy rain and fog causing crashes and delaying road users
  • Wind can disrupt safe navigation, berthing and crane operations at ports and harbours
  • Rail hubs face a multitude of weather-related disruptions
  • Strong winds can cause high-sided vehicles to leave the road, and cause crucial bridge closures
  • Snow and ice can make roads, bridges and carparks dangerous for both motorists and pedestrians

Scientific and technological advances have delivered significant improvements in forecast accuracy and boosted the development of predictive dashboards for:

  • Transport and logistics companies
  • Road maintenance and support
  • Assets and operations managers
  • Health & safety practitioners

MetraWeather provides weather services to gritting and road maintenance contractors

Knowing where, when and how much grit to apply helps protect those on the road.

Managers of areas of tarmac, such as supermarket car parks, understand how treacherous the surface can become if certain weather parameters occur.

The forecasts also enable users to gauge when not to grit, as MetraWeather crucially shows the critical periods ahead.

Our historical winter data provides unprecedented insights into the impact of past and future weather events. In combination with our weather forecasts, we are now delivering actionable insights in ways never previously imagined.

We believe our specialist winter hazard forecasts can help you navigate the winter months with greater confidence and surety in your response planning and preparations.

Winter hazard forecasting services

  • Winter Hazards Report issued daily
  • 14-day Forecasts for major cities, highlighting the risk of severe weather
  • Real-time information portal tailored to operational winter weather requirements
  • Scheduled and ad-hoc telephone briefings with experienced meteorologists
  • Season and month ahead forecasting for longer-term planning


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