MetOceanView - the complete environmental forecast system for vessels, port authorities and offshore operators

MetOceanView is a high-resolution web-based weather forecasting tool for marine operations management. It provides a robust delivery platform that allows you to access, monitor and manipulate weather information required for effective planning and operations.

MetOceanView uses the latest ocean and atmospheric forecast models that are customised at the most appropriate scale for your operation. A high resolution wave model can be configured and run exclusively for any specific location’s unique topography and features.


MetOceanView Port Forecast   Global MSL and precipitation


MetOceanView delivers detailed weather forecasts and information to guide operations

For Ports & Harbours:

For Offshore Oil & Gas:

For Shipping:

Data features:

  • 7-14 day forecast horizon
  • Forecast parameters on scalable maps
  • Satellite imagery
  • Integration of measured real-time data
  • Historical data download
  • User specified hazard levels (e.g. storm surge plus wave height plus tide)
  • Waves, winds and currents
  • Storm surge
  • Rain, visibility and thunderstorms
  • Tidal prediction interface
  • Vessel motion and kinematics
  • Forecast ensembles and skewT plots
  • Oil spill trajectory prediction tools
  • User-defined workability 
  • Wave spectra plots with download function

User features:

  • Web-based, 24/7 access
  • Automated updates provided 4 times a day and delivered via email, FTP and the MetOceanView website
  • Users can also access MetOceanView’s web portal to monitor and manipulate parameters and view weather mapped into graphic format
  • High resolution maps used to show wave height, direction & period; wind speed and direction
  • Graphs and tables used to show wind, wave, tide, tropical storm and visibility conditions
  • Alerting for user-defined hazards

The MetOceanView system is built on a suite of sophisticated oceanographic and atmospheric forecast models. Most of the guidance is run in-house, allowing increased resolution, nesting and ensemble forecasting to be implemented as required. The result is a robust global service that can be rapidly customised to suit individual offshore project requirements.

Secure and optimise your operations with specialised marine forecasts through MetOceanView.
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MetraWeather's marine industry solutions are powered by MetOcean Solutions.

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