Route management and planning for open-ocean passages

Shipping businesses and their crews understand first-hand the impacts of adverse weather in their quest to deliver their cargoes on time and with maximum safety and fuel efficiency. Weather is a key aspect in planning the best route and preparing for the conditions likely to be experienced along the way. 

MetraWeather’s route forecast system provides an interactive route management and planning tool for open-ocean passages. Derived from high resolution ocean and atmospheric models, the system allows route optimisation to minimise the risk of damage to vessel and cargo and maximise fuel efficiency within the constraints of the desired arrival time.

Our MetOceanView forecast portal provides access to detailed weather forecasts along pre-defined routes, plus route optimisation based on weather avoidance, arrival time or fuel efficiency.

MetOceanView Route Planning System

The vessel or fleet operations manager simply enters the latest position and speed of the vessel, and the MetOceanView forecast service delivers a 7-day forecast along the selected route.

Reports are served as text files or as graphs and daily charts of winds and waves, with vessel and route overlaid.

Route forecasts report:

  • wind speed and direction
  • significant and maximum wave height
  • peak period and wave direction
  • visibility
  • thunderstorm risk

Secure and optimise your operations with specialised marine forecasts through MetOceanView.

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