Offshore marine forecasts

Weather conditions dominate all aspects of offshore marine operations – from survey and exploration to construction and production. Undertaking safe and efficient operations at sea requires reliable guidance on the metocean conditions and how they vary with time and location.

Whether you’re operating in coastal, shelf or deep water areas, MetraWeather provides a robust global offshore forecast service to help ensure your crew’s safety and reduce unplanned downtime from adverse weather conditions.

Forecasts are provided through MetOceanView, a dedicated web portal providing access to detailed and reliable weather forecasts. These forecasts can be used by offshore operators to plan and schedule work, vessel, crew and other operations more safely and efficiently, while working at sea.

MetOceanView forecast dashboard

MetOceanView’s forecast are update are presented as maps, table and graphs over the 7-14 day horizon. Automated updates are provided 4 times per day and delivered via email and FTP. Users can also access MetOceanView’s web portal to monitor and manipulate parameters and view weather mapped into graphic format.

Offshore forecasts are able to assist with:

  • Survey planning for seismic acquisition
  • Heavy lifts for crane and vessel operations
  • Construction and maintenance schedule offshore
  • FPSO/ FSO operations
  • Wet and dry tows

Secure and optimise your operations with specialised marine forecasts through MetOceanView.

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