Hindcast data services and weather downtime analysis

Historical weather data can provide valuable information for the analysis of atmospheric and marine environments, an invaluable resource to engineers conducting environmental investigations and climate analysis.

MetraWeather’s extensive hindcast datasets of metocean parameters provide key baseline data for project scoping, offshore and coastal design, project planning and environmental impact assessment.

Storm tracks global hindcast data 

Our hindcasting system uses numerical models that run over multi-year time spans to provide accurate, localised long-term data of ocean and atmospheric conditions for any location on earth, spanning the last 34 years.

Weather Downtime Analysis uses a sophisticated time-domain technique to simulate complex project schedules through multiple years in our hindcast database. This provides a reliable statistical basis for downtime estimation and effects of project slippage on completion.

Data products that we can deliver include:

  • Time series of ocean and atmospheric parameters at specific locations
  • Gridded data of metocean parameters in common data formats
  • 2D wave spectra
  • Summary statistics at specific locations
  • Return period value analysis at specific locations
  • GIS layers of summary statistics

Data are provided through MetOceanView, a dedicated web portal providing access to detailed and reliable weather forecasts. Many datasets are available for immediate delivery. However, if very high resolution model data is required, we specialise in rapidly-generated custom hindcasts, carried out over your area of interest.

Secure and optimise your operations with specialised marine forecasts through MetOceanView.

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