Consultancy solutions for marine operations

Consultancy solutions for marine operations

Oceanography involves sifting through and assessing the importance of extremely large volumes of information. While sometimes this information can be summarised through tools and graphics, for more complex projects tailored analysis and advice may be required.

Access the powerful weather intelligence of our experienced specialist scientists to gain a thorough understanding of the meteorological and oceanographic processes relevant to your project. 

MetraWeather offers access to consultancy from the MetOcean Solutions team for complex and time-critical projects such as:

  • forensic analysis of historical weather events
  • weather downtime and construction time sequence analysis
  • environmental design criteria

Services provided include:

  • Data collection
  • Seabed surveys (sub-bottom profiling, side scan sonar and bathymetry)
  • Targeted data analyses
  • Numerical modelling of waves, currents and sediment transport
  • Wave hindcasting and forecasting studies
  • Tidal modelling and prediction
  • Oil-spill fate, oil-spill response and produced water discharge modeling
  • Pipeline and cable seabed survey and stability analysis
  • FPSO motions, including full-scale model tests and data analysis
  • Thermal and other water column properties
  • Wind field analysis
  • Development of metocean design criteria
  • Ambient and extreme metocean statistics for operations and construction
  • Estuarine and coastal processes
  • Sediment transport and morphodynamics

The MetOcean Solutions team has extensive experience working across a wide range of environments and can apply the latest tools and analysis techniques for coastal, port and offshore developments.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

MetraWeather's marine industry solutions are powered by MetOcean Solutions.

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