Port/Harbour-scale marine forecasts

Traditional marine forecasts cover a large sea area, and are often inadequate for port operations. Activities such as dredging, survey, berth maintenance or construction typically require low energy conditions for safe execution. 

MetraWeather’s port/harbour-scale forecasts have been developed with consultation and input from ports around New Zealand and internationally. 

MetraWeather can provide 7 days of detailed weather guidance, extended by another 7 days of long-range weather forecast. By customising to necessary and appropriate domains, we resolve local oceanographic features and complexity. 

Harbour forecast viewed through MetOceanView portal

Through our MetOceanView forecast portal, we can provide accurate prediction of wave energy along entrance channels and inside ports and harbours. This is particularly useful when planning for vessel mooring configurations. The MetOceanView system is backed by a powerful forecasting architecture. This enables us to configure and run a high resolution wave model exclusively for your port’s unique bathymetry and features.

Long Wave Surge

Ports that are affected by long wave energy may experience occasions of vessel surge – causing disruption to marine operations and compromising the safety of people and assets.

Research at numerous energetic ports worldwide has led to the development of unique numerical tools to quantify the problem and examine possible solutions. Long wave generation, propagation into the harbour and resonance within a mooring basin can be effectively examined with innovative numerical techniques.

Our predictive techniques have been successfully implemented at 10 ports worldwide, providing 7-day forecasts of long wave surge conditions, along with well-defined operational thresholds.

Secure and optimise your operations with specialised marine forecasts through MetOceanView.

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