Marine weather forecasts and data

Marine weather forecasts and data

MetraWeather combines its meteorological forecasting capability with the oceanographic expertise of MetOcean Solutions, New Zealand's leading oceanographic consultancy, to provide innovative forecast solutions across the full spectrum of marine operations.

Our marine customers demand accurate and reliable weather and environmental forecasts to manage risk and maximise profit. MetraWeather delivers through state of the art models, systems and services that are the focus of continuous research, development and innovation.

But this is only the start of a full weather forecast and data service. MetOceanView is a high-resolution web-based weather forecasting tool that gives you access to automated forecast updates and the ability to monitor and manipulate parameters and view weather mapped into graphic format. Built on a suite of sophisticated oceanographic and atmospheric forecast models, MetOceanView is a robust global service that can be rapidly customised to suit individual offshore project requirements.

A comprehensive range of observed weather data is also available to allow analysis of past weather and conditions. Hindcast data sets of up to 33 years duration provide a powerful tool for analysing waves, winds and currents. These data have been used on a wide range of projects, including offshore engineering and design, drilling, renewable energy, coastal engineering, outfalls and harbour studies.

When more information is needed, you can access the expertise of our meteorologists and oceanographers through customised advice and briefings or bespoke oceanographic studies. MetraWeather’s marine solutions are backed by the combined power of 23 PhDs in Oceanography and Meteorology, more than 70 WMO Class 1 Meteorologists working 24x7 across three continents, and over 150 years of operational delivery experience. 

MetraWeather leverages the resources of our parent company MetService, the national weather service of New Zealand, to be a world leader across the full spectrum of weather forecast and data services.

Whatever your weather data requirements, MetraWeather will have a solution.

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MetraWeather's marine industry solutions are powered by MetOcean Solutions.

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