Marine weather solutions for port and harbour operations

Marine weather solutions for port and harbour operations

MetraWeather understands the information requirements of port and harbour operations managers and we will consult with you to tailor an accountable forecast package to suit your particular needs.

The reputation of a port is largely dependent on its safety record and efficiency. Any damage to a port’s safety record may impact on its reputation and by extension, its trade.

Ship size, frequent ship movements, and the hazards inherent to navigation in confined waters all contribute to the complexity of this responsibility. Activities such as dredging, survey, berth maintenance or construction typically require low energy conditions for safe execution. Implementation of environmental management systems is also gaining increased attention.

Effective tools to make informed decisions around port safety and efficiency

MetraWeather provides a suite of innovative tools to assist harbour masters, port pilots, mooring officers, tug masters, wharfingers and port engineers to make informed decisions and help them increase safety and efficiency of marine operations in ports and harbours. 

This includes: 

  • minimising weather downtime
  • scheduling shipping movements
  • optimising berth use and reducing cargo transit delays
  • planning for maintenance and berth closures
  • awareness of hazardous conditions off coast
  • forecasting long wave and surging conditions
  • monitoring and predicting dynamic under-keel clearance.

MetraWeather’s marine forecast data is delivered by MetOceanView – an innovative web-based platform within a GIS framework to access, monitor and manipulate weather information at a high resolution domain for port operations. 

The following forecasting tools have been developed specifically to assist port and harbour management and operations:

  • Port/Harbour-scale marine forecasts: customised to each port and providing high-resolution marine weather guidance for all harbour operations.
  • Berth safety forecasts: customised for specific vessels at individual berths, they provide guidance on the maximum predicted mooring line tensions at hourly increments out to the 7-day horizon. 
  • Harbour transit safety forecasts: provide specialist guidance on the under-keel clearance and depth availability, based on the dynamic response of specific vessels during harbour entry and exit.
  • ePD Probabilistic wind forecasts: trained upon in-port or near-port wind observations, these forecasts let you precisely judge the percentage risk of high winds from one hour ahead to one week ahead.
  • Meteorologist briefings: talk to an operational meteorologist to further interrogate forecasts on MetOceanView  or to gain a second opinion for a particularly important operation.
  • StrikeCast: Cloud to ground lightning strike observations and storm tracks with visual proximity alerts ensure operational and planning teams are kept aware of the threat, effect and timing of lightning storms in the area. 
  • Cyclone tracking: tropical cyclone paths and official warnings ensure all teams are aware of the location and potential impact of these major storm systems. 

Additional consultancy services:

  • Our oceanographers are experienced and have provided expert weather guidance to the marine industry on numerous construction, sedimentation management and emergency situations. This expertise can be contracted for occasions when specialist weather interpretation is required. Click here to find out more or contact us to discuss your specialised requirements.

Secure and optimise your operations with specialised marine forecasts through MetOceanView.

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