Marine weather solutions for shipping operations

Marine weather solutions for shipping operations

MetraWeather understands the information requirements of shipping operations and we will consult with you to tailor a package of forecasts to your particular needs.

Shipping businesses and their crews understand first-hand the impacts of adverse weather in their quest to deliver their cargoes on time and with maximum safety and fuel efficiency. Weather is a key aspect in planning the best route and preparing for the conditions likely to be experienced en route and at destination ports. 

A high resolution, reliable weather forecast service with hazard warning and emergency response facilities

MetraWeather provides optimised vessel routing and marine forecast guidance to assist vessel operators and fleet managers to make informed decisions and help them increase safety and efficiency throughout each voyage. 

This includes:

  • Access to weather data en route
  • Meteorologist advice and briefings
  • Forecasts updated based on vessel position and speed
  • Route optimisation based on weather avoidance, fuel efficiency or arrival time
  • Specialist guidance including fatigue and motion forecasting can also be established for specific vessels

MetraWeather’s marine forecast data is delivered by MetOceanView – an innovative web-based platform providing detailed weather forecasts to guide operations of the shipping industry. With reliable guidance, shipping operators can plan and schedule work, vessel, crew and other operations more safely and efficiently. Alternatively, we can deliver this same information in a variety of datafeeds or via email.

The following forecasting tools have been developed to support vessel routing, harbour transit and berthing operations:

  • Route forecasts: an interactive route management and planning tool for open-ocean passages.
  • Meteorologist briefings: talk to an operational meteorologist to further interrogate forecasts on MetOceanView or to gain a second opinion for a particularly important operation.
  • Berth safety forecasts: customised for specific vessels at individual berths, they provide guidance on the maximum predicted mooring line tensions at hourly increments out to the 7-day horizon. 
  • Harbour transit safety forecasts: provide specialist guidance on the under-keel clearance and depth availability, based on the dynamic response of specific vessels during harbour entry and exit.
  • Cyclone tracking: tropical cyclone paths and official warnings ensure all teams are aware of the location and potential impact of these major storm systems.  

Secure and optimise your operations with specialised marine forecasts through MetOceanView




MetraWeather's marine industry solutions are powered by MetOcean Solutions Ltd.

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