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Weatherscape XT is MetraWeather's enterprise level weather presentation and data management system. It renders complex 3D scenes in real-time, producing high end animations in SD and HD. Weatherscape XT can be configured on a single workstation for one studio, or can be expanded to a multi-workstation system delivering content to multiple studios and delivery platforms from a single consistent dataset. It completely automates production of your weather presentation graphics, providing the latest information to all your broadcast, digital and social media platforms for routine broadcasts and enables you to keep your viewers up to date during rapidly changing severe weather situations..


No matter how simple, complex, or ambitious your weather presentation requirements, one of the products in MetraWeather’s unique Weatherscape XT product suite will be an ideal fit. Regardless of whether you select Weatherscape XT Breeze - a Content as a Service solution with the simplest of workflows, Weatherscape XT Solo - a single box on-site solution, or Weatherscape XT Enterprise with all the features and power necessary to satisfy the requirements of a network broadcaster with a multiple studio environment, your content will look stunning as all products are underpinned by the Weatherscape XT Black Edition rendering engine.





A Weatherscape XT™ installation typically consists of at least one Database Ingest Host and at least one Playout Workstation. Additional databases can be added for redundancy as required. The system can be extended to operate across multiple studios or broadcast centres by the addition of Regional Database Servers, and Playout Workstations as required.








MetraWeather provides a vast range of meteorological data for broadcast, web, mobile and other digital and online applications. In addition to GFS and high resolution ECMWF global model data, MetraWeather can also supply data from its own mesoscale domains which can be customised to meet your specific requirements.

Other data types available include high resolution satellite imagery from Himawari 8, cyclone and typhoon track information, observations and spot forecasts for thousands of locations around the world, lightning data from the TOA global network, marine forecasts, and much much more.

As well as creating a tailored data package to your specification, MetraWeather also offers a range of professional services to add value and intelligence to the data such as customised forecasts and scripts, and Forecaster consultation.






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