Angus Swainson


Angus has over 15 years’ experience in the media sector internationally. He started his career as a commercial intellectual property lawyer in the UK working for a top tier London law firm before moving into the business sector as a deal maker, negotiator, strategist and business consultant working with a portfolio of globally recognised media companies and brands such as the English Premier League, the IOC and the BBC.

Relocating to New Zealand in 2006, Angus worked for SKY Television in the development and delivery of new product innovation for six years launching the Sky Go OTT service and the Igloo low cost pay TV service (negotiating a joint venture with TVNZ) and securing a multi-million dollar media partnership with Vodafone. Angus joined MetraWeather in April 2014 and with a strong focus on user-centric design and lean methodology, leads media product development in particular the on-going evolution of  Weatherscape.


Peter Lowe


Peter Lowe is MetraWeather’s Product Manager for Weatherscape and is the steward of the media product roadmap. Peter joined the company in 1987. He has 15 years’ experience with Weatherscape, having been fully involved in media projects since 1999 when he managed the implementation of MetraWeather’s first deployment of graphics presentation software at Nine Network’s Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane Broadcast Centres. He has managed numerous implementations since then including the deployment of Weatherscape at the BBC’s 15 national and regional Broadcast Centres. He spent six months onsite at the BBC’s London Television Centre during this project in 2004 /2005. Peter’s outstanding knowledge of the weather graphics industry and products means he is well positioned to ensure a competitive and innovative roadmap for our products.


James Caust


James grew up wanting to be a pilot and started a degree in aviation, but he soon discovered that Meteorology held greater interest and reward. He graduated from Flinders university in Adelaide, Australia, after which he joined the Bureau of Meteorology as a forecaster and worked throughout Australia in a number of positions. His interest and background in aviation and meteorological applications led him to a role in the BOM services policy team, where he discovered the exciting world of commercial meteorological applications. This led James to join the private meteorological world in 2007, where he helped build Weatherzone into a leading service provider. After Weatherzone was purchased by major publisher Fairfax Media, James was appointed Managing Director. James most recent role has been with GPATS/TOA lightning providers as a General Manager, where he has worked very closely with the Metservice team to enhance the lightning offering and sales potential across both Australia and SE Asia. James is passionate about commercial meteorology and thrives on the challenge of solving real world problems with innovative meteorological solutions.


Murray Charteris


Murray Charteris is MetraWeather’s customer facing Account Manager for both Australia and New Zealand. Murray helps customers develop new ideas for weather both commercially and graphically. He has over 22 years experience in the broadcast industry. With a particular expertise in design and animation, Murray led the Videographics team at QTQ Nine Network Brisbane for almost 12 years using Weatherscape XT as one of his tools. Murray joined MetraWeather in 2007 as a Designer/Customer Engineer installing custom graphics using Weatherscape XT systems at every major commercial TV network in Australia as well as many overseas installations. Now with a commercial focus, Murray’s technical knowledge of broadcast systems combined with his operational experience of Weatherscape XT gives him a thorough understanding of the needs of television clients.


Neville Booth


Neville has over 20 years experience in a range of media disciplines including commercial photography, broadcast design, and online development. For nine years he was the Creative Director of ITV News and Regions in the UK, developing and guiding a digital transformation, overseeing the ITV Weather service, and meeting the requirements of a network of newsrooms. This gives him a detailed understanding of the needs of broadcast clients, and the desire to meet or exceed those expectations. He leads a team of highly skilled customer engineers based in New Zealand, Australia, and Thailand. With a strong focus on a high performance service based culture, together they support and guide the development of our Weatherscape XT customers worldwide.


Byron Drew


Byron has 9 years of experience in a range of Meteorological disciplines. Early in his career, Byron worked for eTV in South Africa creating forecasts, producing graphics and doing on-air presentation for broadcast across South Africa and later many other parts of Africa. Byron then took a role with MetraWeather UK in 2011, forecasting primarily within the Energy sector in Europe while continuing his work with clients to develop new products and services. Byron then went on to lead the European forecasting team between 2012 and 2015 after which he took a role as a Meteorological Analyst for a hedge fund in London. After a little over a year, Byron returned to Metra to Lead our International Meteorological Consulting team, developing our products and services to clients across the globe. The current team of Meteorological Consultants provide expert guidance to clients in the Media, Retail, Energy and Infrastructure sectors  across the world with a focus on using strong Meteorological knowledge to help clients understand what the weather means to them.





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