Bay of Bengal Hindcast Database now available

Bay of Bengal Hindcast media release

Bangkok 23 February, 2016

Today MetraWeather Asia announced the release of its Bay of Bengal metocean Hindcast Database.

The database has been created to serve the needs of survey, exploration and offshore operations throughout the Bay of Bengal, including Myanmar, Bangladesh and the east coast of India.

Hindcasts are historical weather data that run over multi-year time spans and provide accurate long-term information for the analysis of the atmospheric and marine environment for specific offshore sites. They are an invaluable resource to engineers and scientists for environmental investigations and climate analysis.

State-of-the-art numerical models have been used by expert scientists to define this high-quality resource. The Hindcast Database includes:

  • A regional non-cyclonic 35-year hindcast database
  • A regional 35-year historical cyclone database
  • A regional synthetic cyclonic database 

The Bay of Bengal Hindcast Database is available for offshore applications immediately.

Many other datasets are available. However, if a very high resolution model data is required, MetraWeather specialises in rapidly-generated custom hindcasts carried out over an area of interest.

For more information, click here: Bay of Bengal Hindcast Database

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