ENGIE electricity traders in Singapore extend weather contract

Sydney, Australia. 7 August 2018. Singapore-based electricity traders with ENGIE Global Markets (EGM) have extended their specialist weather insights contract with MetraWeather (Australia) Pty Ltd.

MetraWeather is a specialist weather insights company serving energy markets in Australia, Europe, New Zealand and South East Asia.

The contract includes provision of unique, derived weather insights, and consultation with and commentary from experienced meteorologists on the forecast Australian daily minimum and maximum temperatures, and wind and solar forecasts. In the New Zealand energy market, EGM traders receive from MetraWeather hydro catchment rainfall forecasts and commentary together with the New Zealand 4-week forecast.

EGM, formerly known as GDF Suez Trading, is an ENGIE subsidiary with nearly twenty years of experience, acquired throughout the process of market liberalization and combines in-depth industry experience and financial market know-how.

EGM serves all ENGIE business activities worldwide and offers energy market solutions to a wide range of third parties, from upstream to downstream. EGM has an extended geographical coverage in Europe and Asia-Pacific, with trading floors in Paris, Brussels, Rome and Singapore, and activities spread across 40 countries worldwide.

Meteorologist Rebekah Lo is a MetraWeather consultant providing weather commentary to the traders.

“One of the biggest drivers in the Australian energy markets is what the temperature in the four largest cities is going to be today and tomorrow.

“Having experienced meteorologists review both the forecast and the science behind it can be very powerful for traders. When we see for example an outlier and others have not interpreted the data the way we have, we are able to provide the synoptic rationale for our forecast and how it has informed our trading guidance.”

For more information contact

Lucy Batt
Market Manager Australia
MetraWeather Australia
E lucy.batt@metraweather.com

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