MetraWeather a finalist in HSBC NZCTA China Business Awards 2013

MetraWeather is proud to have been chosen as a finalist in the HSBC NZCTA China Business Awards 2013.

Entries in the awards were from large corporates as well as small to medium enterprises and across a range of industries including wine, dairy, honey, architecture and design, education, banking, tourism, TV and film.

Graham Kearns, executive director of the New Zealand China Trade Association (NZCTA) says, “The entries were of such number and high calibre that the judging panel of nine had difficulty separating them. The finalists also represent a good cross-section of companies doing business with China and Hong Kong.

“Many New Zealand organisations have successfully established business and investment links with China and that doesn’t come without its challenges.

“It is supremely important for us to recognize the success of NZ-China traders and investors– they are role models for all aspiring importers from and exporters to China including those organisations involved in the "weightless” (services) economy and cross country investment.”

MetraWeather was a finalist in the category: Hong Kong New Zealand Business Association - Best use of Hong Kong by a New Zealand company for its business. This award recognises a New Zealand registered company that has a business history with Hong Kong and is growing their business from Hong Kong – preferably but not necessarily into China or wider Asia.

According to MetraWeather Chief Executive Peter Lennox, being based in Hong Kong and having a dedicated General Manager for its Asian business has enabled MetraWeather to develop the strong relationships needed to be successful in this market.

"MetraWeather benefits from the high value that customers place on MetService’s meteorological standing and expertise – a key differentiator from our competitors in Asia. Our Asian business has grown revenues by 239% to 14 customers in 8 countries since signing our first media contract in Hong Kong in 2010."

For further information please contact:

Tom Sutherland

General Manager Asia


Ph. +61 2 9449 9771 / +61 4 4726 6771


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