MetraWeather UK appoints new Business Development Manager, Media Products EMEA

MetraWeather has appointed Scott Barber as Business Development Manager, Media Products EMEA, to help deliver powerful weather graphics solutions to the media industry.

Leading weather insights company, MetraWeather, has recently appointed Scott Barber as Business Development Manager, Media Products EMEA, in their UK office based in Reading, Berkshire. Scott will focus on managing existing and new customers within the broadcast media industry. His focus will be on Weatherscape XT, MetraWeather’s enterprise weather presentation suite, used by broadcasters worldwide to create compelling weather shows.

Scott Barber“Scott brings to the role a wealth of knowledge about the media industry in the UK and internationally, having worked in it for over 15 years in both graphics and business development roles with a number of leading broadcasters and media agencies,” said Will Owen, General Manager, EMEA, MetraWeather UK. “Scott’s experience will be a real asset to our customers in helping to deliver the best weather presentations graphics solutions.”

Scott has an education in broadcast operations, which led to early roles in media graphics as a graphics designer at Sky Sports and ITV.

Various other roles have included International Sales Manager for Pixel Power, Graphics Producer for BBC Sport, UK Sales Manager for Vizrt and Sales Director for Vizrt India in New Delhi.

More recently, Scott has spent the past two years in a Business Readiness role for BBC Wales, helping with the roll-out of Vizrt and the deployment of the Quantel/Jupiter newsroom desktop edit system in News.

Scott will be working with broadcasters throughout Europe and the Middle East, to help them deliver state-of-the art weather graphics to their audience, using MetraWeather’s Weatherscape XT graphics presentation system. Weatherscape XT is the engine room and enterprise solution for producing captivating weather graphics presentations. It enables graphic designers to fuse meteorological science with computer graphics technology to create unique, compelling weather shows.

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Six questions with Scott Barber

1.       What does Weatherscape bring to broadcasters?

MetraWeather is a science-based weather company, not a graphics-based one. Weather presentation is something broadcasters cannot afford to get wrong. It is the second most crucial part of their programming after the news. Broadcasters such as the BBC, TG4 in Ireland, Channel 5 in the Philippines and Channel 7 in Australia rely on us for our far-reaching weather expertise, in contrast to vendors who focus purely on graphic presentation solutions.

2.       What’s challenging for broadcasters in the current media landscape?

Screens! I think one of the challenges facing broadcasters today is how they can best engage with their audiences. The proliferation of alternative platforms and channels means broadcasters have to find new ways of reaching out to their audience via these multi-platform devices. We’re finding that customers want not only our broadcast solutions, but also graphical presentation of weather for online, mobile screens and social media.

3.       What first excited you about working in broadcasting?

My background is broadcast graphics. My first role working in the broadcast industry was at Teddington Studios, as a studio graphics operator, playing out live news graphics to what was then a programme called Financial Times Television, which provided financial shows to CNBC. I learned very quickly how crucial it was to get live graphics to air quickly and more crucially, to make sure that those graphics were accurate.

4.       What’s fascinating about the news and weather graphics presentation market?

It is a very interesting area, and one that everybody relies on, especially in the UK, where weather is usually our number 1 talking point. Brits love to chat and moan about the weather! Weather information and graphic presentations opens up endless possibilities. When I look at the recent customers we have been talking to, it ranges from sports broadcasters who want weather-related content to add context for a sports fixture, to airlines commissioning destination-based weather presentations on their in-bound flight entertainment.

5.       What are you bringing to broadcast designers, news editors and producers?

I understand broadcast, having worked in the industry since 1996. As I mentioned earlier, I started working at Teddington Studios as a studio graphics operator, playing out live news graphics. From there I worked in various graphics roles for sports broadcasts, shopping channels and television news. I held a senior role at BBC Sport as Graphics Producer televising high-profile events such as international football. I’ve sold graphics systems to broadcasters worldwide, most recently when I was managing the Vizrt sales office in New Delhi. I have a very solid understanding of the broadcast graphics market from a global perspective.

6.       What can you see changing in the near future?

The industry is going through a massive transformation at the moment, probably the biggest change it has seen since television first began. It’s all about content. Social media is becoming an increasingly bigger part of production these days, but many broadcasters are still not fully aware of the value, or how best to use it. With consumers now able to view content instantly online, viewing patterns and trends are now readily available and easily assessed, so broadcasters suddenly have a whole new perspective on what types of programmes and dramas they should be making. 

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