Sunny outlook for CSEE energy trading or storm clouds ahead?

Visit MetraWeather Stand No. 17 to discuss the latest regional weather guidance and its impacts on trading strategy.

9 June, 2014

MetraWeather, a world leader in powerful weather intelligence, is bringing its unique weather forecasting services to the Energy Trading Central & South Eastern Europe (CSEE) Conference on the 18-19 June, 2014.

MetraWeather’s forecasters use advanced probabilistic forecasting techniques to provide unique guidance into factors that impact the shape of the energy market.

Visit MetraWeather at CSEE for: 

  • the latest in weather information, and how it can be used to gain competitive advantage in energy trading
  • forecasts prepared specifically for the CSEE region, including short-range, 32-day and seasonal forecasts
  • forecasts of weather conditions in major cities and small industrial cities in the region, demonstrating the depth and precision that can be supplied
  • detailed data charting a 32-day forecast for temperature, rainfall and wind speed charted over 6 hour intervals that provides a much deeper level of insight than typical ‘weekly average’ forecasts.

MetraWeather will be promoting six services for European energy traders, including the Daily Synoptic Briefing that answers two key questions:

  1. If the obvious doesn’t happen, what will happen?
  2. What else could happen?

The Synoptic Briefing features renewables guidance on wind forecasts for Germany, solar energy for Benelux and Germany, and Scandinavian precipitation.

It is augmented by MetraWeather Exchange, a bespoke, exclusive, daily one-on-one conversation with an experienced meteorologist about what lies behind the numbers. 

“My trading clients have a real need for one-on-one interpretation and in-depth guidance aligned to their position on the day’s trading,” says Byron Drew, MetraWeather Lead European Forecaster.

MetraWeather (UK) Ltd is a subsidiary of MetService, New Zealand’s National Meteorological Service. New Zealand is a Member of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO)and MetService is ISO-9001 certified. MetraWeather forecasting solutions are backed by the combined power of 23 PhDs in Oceanography and Meteorology, more than 70 WMO Class 1 Meteorologists working 24x7 across three continents, and over 150 years of operational delivery experience. 

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