Weather Forecasting for Film Productions

With the new James Bond film being recently delayed after bad weather, daily accurate forecast reports to film productions proves essential.

Written by: Scott Barber, Business Development Manager - Media Products. MetraWeather UK

Daniel Craig recently arrived on the shores of Lake Altaussee to film the latest James Bond movie Spectre, only to find the crew still in their hotel and the cameras not ready to roll.

The 46-year-old actor travelled by helicopter and instantly took up residence in a lakeside hotel suite which had been reserved for his use, to wait out the wintry conditions that had delayed filming of the 24th James Bond movie.

Heavy snowfalls had left roads blocked and ice on the lake, while storm force winds prevented any of the action scenes from going ahead, as it was deemed too dangerous, while the 300-strong film crew remained firmly behind closed doors.

It was on the first day of filming, when the cameras were supposed to roll at 2pm. Shortly after the announcement, preparations ran at full speed, and after the ice and snow had been removed from the helicopter rotors, and the weather appeared to clear, the first test flights over the lake could be performed between 11am and 12 noon.

There were very few spectators by the lake, as the wind was particularly icy and the area was also too well protected. Several local fire service boats transported the camera equipment across the lake, while rehearsals had gone according to plan. Filming was reported to have commenced around 1pm, but was again postponed due to the severe weather conditions. The film crew only had a very narrow window of time until they would lose the light conditions, with dusk slowly setting in at around 3pm.

Enrico Jakob for local film association CineStyria, which promotes the region to Hollywood filmmakers, said that filming had not been feasible, due to the extreme winds on the surface of the lake where much of the filming was to take place.

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