A Phoenix in the Sunrise

Phoenix Television viewers are now experiencing a breathtaking weather show, broadcast live from Phoenix’s new state-of-the-art studios in Taipo, Hong Kong. This new show was produced using Weatherscape XT, Metra’s world-class television weather graphics system.

Phoenix recognised that, while it was presenting tens of millions of viewers with new studios and sets, its existing weather services needed a makeover. The considerable enhancement to its weather offerings provided by Metra’s Weatherscape XT has allowed Phoenix to offer its sponsors a range of new advertising options.


Phoenix was looking for a high quality weather presentation system that would have an impact in the Chinese market. They also required that the system be driven by credible weather data, including observations and forecasts for China, and that the entire system be delivered as a turn-key solution. Phoenix recognised the quality of the Weatherscape XT product and the fact that Metra could provide a range of high quality weather data to meet its specifications.

Metra’s delivery of a fully-configured Weatherscape XT installation to Phoenix’s Taipo studios marks its first Chinese language service, complementing its existing English, Irish, Arabic and Farsi Services.

Paul Reid - CEO Metra and KK Yeung - EVP/CFO of Phoenix Satellite Television

Paul Reid, Metra’s CEO, commented: “Metra works with many leading international media organisations to provide the best weather graphics system available. The BBC, which leads the world in English language news broadcasting, uses our Weatherscape XT system to produce 120 weather shows per day, and we have installed weather graphics systems in Poland, Australia, Brunei, New Zealand, Dubai, Pakistan, England, Finland and Ireland. We are pleased to be launching our first Chinese language weather service in association with Phoenix Television, the world’s leading Chinese language news broadcaster.”

About Phoenix Television

Phoenix Television is a mandarin language television broadcaster, based in Hong Kong, serving the Chinese mainland and other markets with substantial Chinese viewers. It has five different television channels, providing news, information and entertainment programmes.

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