TV5 teams up with Metra for the world’s most advanced weather forecasts

Weather forecasting and reporting in the Philippines will take a great leap forward as TV5 collaborates with the Metra Information Limited (Metra) of New Zealand for the provision of Metra’s Weatherscape XT, the world’s leading edge weather graphics system.

November 2010, Manila.

A member of the UN World Meteorological Organization, Metra is the world’s No. 1 weather news service with over 100 systems installed around the world.

tv5TV5 has a special relationship with Metra as the international weather organization’s first media partner in the Philippines . Metra gives TV5 access to the world’s most advanced computer-based weather visualization system, enabling the network to be ahead of the weather at any given time.

Metra Weatherscape’s full-featured weather graphics and data management solutions deliver relevant and accurate weather information, which is exactly what the country needs, particularly in forecasting extreme weather conditions. Fusing meteorological science with the latest advancements in computer graphics technology, Metra Weatherscape will give TV5 access to better weather communications systems and to dependable, high-quality forecasts providing a more timely supply of data.

"We recognize the people’s need to always be informed about weather situations that may affect their safety and livelihood. Apart from our thrust in TV5 to be abreast with global technological standards, it is really the Filipino people’s need for relevant and accurate weather information that we’re addressing in our partnership with the world’s best weather forecast provider," shared Atty. Ray C. Espinosa, TV5’s President and CEO.

Metra is a subsidiary of the Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited and is a world leader in weather forecasting products and services. In the broadcast industry, Metra works with networks worldwide, with customers in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia , and New Zealand . International clients such as McDonalds and Marks & Spencer use Metra weather forecasts to fine tune their operations. Metra also recently signed an agreement with the Philippines ’ PAGASA.

Metra’s CEO, Paul Reid, flew in to Manila recently to ink the partnership agreement with TV5. "Metra’s continued growth and expansion in Asia highlights an increasing worldwide demand for timely, accurate and dynamic weather programming, and it also further reaffirms the broadcast industry’s recognition of Metra as the world’s leading provider of weather graphics and programming systems," Reid said.

With this team-up with Metra, TV5 has taken the lead among the country’s major national networks in providing the most sophisticated and highly advanced weather reporting system to Filipino viewers across the nation.

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