Retail forecasts

Retail forecasts

Generic one-size-fits-all forecasts offer little value for complex decision-making. MetraWeather is a leader in providing retailers with a diverse range of forecasts and dashboards, including forecasts of unparalleled accuracy over longer horizons.

MetraWeather's forecasts are designed to support consistent and interconnected decision-making across your entire retail network - from planning, buying and procurement, competitive analysis, distribution and logistics, to inventory management, shelf allocations, and advertising and promotion.

MetraWeather's forecast products include: 

  • 14-day national forecast 
  • 14-day regional or postcode-based forecasts
  • 32-day forecasts
  • Seasonal forecasts
  • Weekly summary – preview and review
  • Extreme weather forecasts and alerts
  • SMS, email and portal alerts based upon operational thresholds
  • Online tailored information portal

MetraWeather boasts a suite of retail weather solutions and provides powerful weather intelligence to many major UK retailers.

Contact us now to discuss retail weather solutions tailored to your particular needs.

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