Retail research and data correlations

Weather can be the cause of any number of retail outcomes - good or bad. Decisions taken without predictive weather insights and scientifically-substantiated probabilities can result in poor sales and missed opportunities.

MetraWeather provides research and data correlation studies to retailers seeking greater insights into weather related patterns and consumer behaviour.

One recent study correlated weather impacts on product sales and the supply chain. The study showed the cost of lost sales when Asian components logistics could not be adjusted quickly enough to capitalise on weather conditions. 

In 2014, following positive results from a European correlation study, MetraWeather was asked to investigate the relationships between regional sales of a range of alcoholic beverages and weather in the UK. Supermarket beverage sales data for the three years preceding the study were analysed and compared (correlated) to observational weather data to discover if the European insights were applicable to the UK. 

The research correlations established not only the temperature, precipitation and solar radiation threshholds and weather anomalies that impacted sales, but also revealed when - despite favourable environmental conditions - sales were lower following an event such as Easter.

MetraWeather boasts a suite of retail weather solutions and provides powerful weather intelligence to many major UK retailers.

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Correlation studies: measuring weather impacts at retail

One of the world’s leading multinational beverage, brewing and consumer product companies instigated a major sales and weather correlation study with MetraWeather UK. Download this user case to see how demand forecasting helps improve supply chain and distribution logistics. 

Correlation studies

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