Weather solutions for the Energy sector


MetraWeather provides weather forecasts and guidance to energy generators and retailers, transmission system operators and energy traders across Western, Central and South Eastern Europe and Australasia.

Picture this. It is late January and a blast of freezing Arctic air sees demand for natural gas across Europe soar to near-record levels for the third day running.

In Australia, extreme high temperatures have electricity generators scrambling to meet the evening peak demand, as bushfires and lightning strikes force system operators to place constraints on transmission lines interstate.

In New Zealand, the energy spot and futures markets anticipate an extended burst of torrential rain across hydro catchments which will influence energy prices for months to come.

Across the globe weather is one of the main drivers in the demand for and trading of energy. Extreme weather events can also pose significant risks and losses for the energy sector.

MetraWeather has a comprehensive suite of geography-specific weather forecasting products and guidance services to address the weather information and guidance requirements of:

  • Energy generators and retailers
  • Energy distribution and transmission operations
  • Energy traders.

These customers use MetraWeather services to:

  • calculate anticipated energy demand over specific horizons
  • manage and protect distribution and transmission infrastructure
  • mitigate risk and inform forward planning when extreme weather strikes
  • identify and probe weather-related energy trading opportunities and risks.

MetraWeather’s energy solutions are backed by the combined power of 23 PhDs in Oceanography and Meteorology, more than 70 WMO-certified meteorologists working 24x7 across three continents, and over 150 years of operational delivery experience.

Take some time to sample our forecasts, or contact us now to discuss weather forecasts tailored to your particular needs.

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