Australian Lightning Incident Archive Reports

Australian Lightning Incident Archive Search (LIAS) Reports provide historical lightning data including precise lighting strike locations and details for any area in Australia over a 24 hour period.

LIAS reports are accurate and often used for insurance claims, health and safety reporting, property damage investigations and are typically generated within 2 business days.

MetraWeather LIAS Reports include:

  • Search durations of up to 24 hours from a given search date/time
  • Search radius of up to 50km from a given set of coordinates
  • Option to include/exclude cloud-to-cloud strikes
  • Option to include/exclude lightning strike timeline
  • Option to order results by date/time or by proximity to search coordinates
  • A list of strikes and their distance from the desired location
  • PDF Format

Large date/time ranges of lightning strike historical data can also be purchased and can provided in the following formats:

  • Raw CSV
  • Formatted CSV
  • XML

Need something else?

Other MetraWeather lightning and safety-related services include:

  • Real-time lightning detection
  • On-screen display of lightning, radar and forecast lightning risk
  • Lightning proximity alerting via email & SMS
  • Safety forecasts and alerting for extreme weather (heat, heavy rain, high winds, thunderstorm risk, and more)

For more information get in touch with our lightning experts.

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